Below is an overview of my career so far. If you want to know more, please take a look at my page on LinkedIn.

General information

I am an allround project and community / communication manager with a passion for sports. I have experience with both profit and non-profit organisations, with complex projects and with stakeholders who have a variety of interests.

I Anet 1 - goudhave a special interest in combining the skills that I learnt in my professional jobs (project and communication management) with my passion for sports. My personal goal is to organise large-scale sports events such as a European or World Championship or, my ultimate goal, be part of the organising committee of the Olympic Games!

I am enthusiatic, well-organised, people- and result-orientated, hold good analytical skills, flexible and (positively) driven. I function best in a team with my own responsibilities. I enjoy to see people grow and develop both as a person and within their function!


Project management

  • For about 9 years
  • Current position: senior project manager
  • EuroSNS Bank (project: introduction of the new currency Euro), Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier (water related and flood defence projects for this dike board, with teams that consists of 5 – 25 people and with a budget ranging from thousands till millions of Euros).

Special projects: flood defence projects

  • Since 2016
  • WieringermeerkeringProject manager of the flood defence projects Noordzeekanaal and Wieringermeerkering. With a team of senior colleagues (Noordzeekanaal) and a team with young professionals (Wieringermeerkering) I am creating and realizing the best solutions together with all the involved people, in order to empower the dikes.

Special project : Markermeerdijken

  • For about 3 years
  • Assistent Projectmanager / Community manager of the largest flood defence project in the Netherlands. Between Amsterdam and Hoorn the typical Dutch dike must be reinforced over a length of 33 kilometers. More than 80 stakeholders are directly involved in this project: from national government and organisations to people who live on or next to the dike.

Communication Consultant

  • For about 15 years
  • BelangenDifferent employers like Philips (several business units), DSM (working for a kind of internal advertising agency), BAM Rail (rail construction and maintenace company with a merger in which 11 business units and 1.000 employees were involved), municipality of Haarlemmermeer (reorganisations of the fire department and this local government) and Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier (several water related projects).


  • All my life as an active sportswoman and as a spectator (still doing)!
  • Board Member (Volunteers, Marketing & Communications and Events) and Member Administrative Commission ‘Volunteers’ at le Champion
  • Cofounder, Board Member and Chairman a.i. of the cooperative women’s indoor football (in Dutch: CEF-V wich stands for Coöperatie Eredivise Futsal – Vrouwen)
  • Communication consultant for the councillor of Sports and several projects.
  • An active volunteer for charity organisations like the Johan Cruyff Foundation and Right to Play, and during sport events like the European Youth Olympic Festival (2013) en the European Championship Athletics (2016).
  • See Sports for more details about these specific activities and experiences.


  • Board of commissioners of Scompany at the College of Utrecht (2006 till now). Together with a group of communication colleagues, we judge the practical assignments of the third grade students of the faculty Communications & Journalism.
  • Examiner at the communication training institute Van der Hilst (2004-2011). For this purpose I assessed the oral and written exams. Along side that, for the last four years, I prepared the written exams.