Goodbye Scompany & Hello Invictus Games

A special day today, at least for me. It will be a day with a tear for goodbye and a laugh for hello!

I start with the tear. After 15 years it is time for me to say goodbye to Scompany. Scompany is part of the Communication study at the Hogeschool Utrecht Scompany 12 nov 2019 - 08and gives students the opportunity to work for a client in their third year. I am / was one of the Board Members who judged the assignements of the students. Most of the times it was a joy and pleasure to do this. And beside that it keeps me updated for the latest developments in the field of communication education.

At the end of the day Anuska Derks, manager of Scompany, honoured me for all I did in the last 15 years for Scompany and the board.¬†Beside that I received beautiful flowers and a gift card. Thank you so much in return and I wish Scompany, their employees and of course all the (future) students the best of luck! “That’s all folks!”

Scompany 12 nov 2019 - 24Then I had to rush to Doorn, where the first information meeting was organised for the Invictus Games. In May next year, these games are organised in the Hague, The Netherlands and I am very proud to be one of the volunteers!

Logo-identiteit-invictus-gamesIt is impressive to hear some stories of the injured veterans. This is even for me the first time that the organisation is ‘warning’ the volunteers for the disabled people, mentally of physically, we are going to meet and the stories they have to share! It is good to be prepared!

After sharing general information on the organisation, it is time to do a quiz together: what do we know about the Invictus Games? Believe it or not, but I won from the approximately 250 participants! Yeah! And of course that is not important, but it is fun though!

Looking forward to be involved at this impressive event next year!