Hackaton: sports data challenge

All organisations have to deal with (a lot of) data: what kind of data is collected (aware and unaware) and which are allowed to use (due to GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation)?

Today a group of students and (young) professionals are challenged to answer these questions for Le Champion during a so called hackaton. It is a collaboration between Amsterdam Data Science, Sport Data Valley and Running 20/20. As a board member of Le Champion I am priviliged to be one of the judges.

20191115_152334The group consists of data anaylists and sports professionals. A perfect combination for this challenge! And I am really surprised by the effort and the commitment of all the participants! From the beginning till the end they are all focussed on their assignment and they also prepared a presentation.

IMG_4616The group that was able to visiualise the bottle necks of the Amsterdam Marathon and that was able to pinpoint the essential parts of the marathon where the athletes need more support in order to improve their personal records, won.

Thanks to the organisers and participants!