Professor Anet

During my studies at the Johan Cruyff Institute in Amsterdam (module ‘Sport & Facility / Event Management in 2013-2014 and the Master International Sports Management in 2014-2015) I was one of the studious students. Today I am at the other side of the classroom, in front! I am one of the 2 professors today. How special is that!

20170321_144109The first professor is Rien van Haperen, director of the European Championships Atletics in Amsterdam. He is telling the students about this event, the organization, what happend behind the scenes and the results / legacy. Very interesting story!

And then it is my turn. My lecture is about Volunteer Management (not a surprise, is it?! ūüėČ )¬†IMG-20170321-WA0001I am telling the¬†pro-active students about facts & figures, trends, media attention, the needs and desires of a volunteer, my personal experiences and some appealing sport events related to volunteers. Of course this lecture is not only about telling. I also challenge the students to think¬†about ‘volunteers’¬†via assignments, with some surprising comments.¬†This is why I like it to be a professor!

I really hope that the students liked my / our lectures. And I must say that I really loved it! Hopefully ‘Volunteer Management’ is now an integral part of¬†this module. And I am more than willing to teach the new group of students again!