Heliolympics 2016

As a¬†follow-up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio, the rehabilition centre ‘Heliomare‘ organizes the so called Heliolympics. Heliomare supports (potentially) Logo Heliolympicsdisabled people. The rehabilitation centre offers specialised medical rehabilitation for children, youngsters and adults with a physical and / or multiple disability or a traumatic brain injury. Rehabilitation supports them in their pursuit of maximum independence.

As part of this rehabilition process, the Heliolympics are organised. Great to see that some of the former clients of Heliomare return at the centre as a Paralympic champion! A perfect motivation for all the other clients.


Because I really believe in this kind of events and the (extra) goal behind it, I tried to find¬†sponsors for the Heliolympics. Beside that, my personal goal was to take care of the medals and I am very pleased that I succeeded. “Everyone who participates in one or more sport disciplines deserves a medal. It gives the athletes a proud feeling and after the Heliolympics it is a good memory.” At least, that is my opinion.

20160922_10130520160922_104019In Brazilian atmosphere the opening was a party on it’s own. In the weeks between 22 September and 6 October, more than 2.000 clients were able to join several sport disciplines. Acceptance, integration, shift boundaries and conviviality are paramount this period. What a great initiative. A lot of people can and should learn from this event and their athletes!