Special open day Cruyff Foundation

This is again one of the most exciting days of the year. At least, for me. Today is the yearly open day of the Cruyff Foundation. More than 1.000 children take part and they are able to join 30 different sport disciplines.

Due to work related activities I was not able to join the volunteer team in the morning. The advantage is that the moment I arrived, the Olympic Stadion was already an 20160921_142816atmospheric place where children were waiting to go in order to start sporting. A lot of famous Dutch (sport) personalities are joining them. One of them is Danny, the wife of founder Johan Cruyff. She was also present during previous editions of the open days, but this was the first time for her in the spotlights. Johan passed away earlier this year and she wants to keep his legacy alive. An emotional moment! Good to see her and with her, all the excited faces of the participants. It was (again) a great day!

And this is a picture of the Cruyff Foundation team, the volunteers and (a part of) the famous Dutch celebrities who made this day possible: