Today I did it! Anet and half marathon Disneyland Paris

I ran my first half marathon!

So proud!

And it was not just ‘a’ marathon. It was also the first half marathon of Disneyland Paris!

A year ago, my husband challenged me to run this half marathon. The reason why we choose Disneyland Paris is that we both have special memories to this place. Beside that I stopped running a couple of years ago and I was looking for a new challenge. Now I had one.

So after a year of hard training (thanks to the local athletes association AVH), a lot of 20160925_102026running kilometers / miles (it started with the first meters), ‘blood, sweat and tears’ (due to a persistant injury in the last stadium of the preparation), the help of a physical therapist and sports masseur, and of course the support of my husband, family and friends, I did it! So proud!