Commemoration Johan and let’s play!

WP_20160513_030This is the first event after Johan Cruijff passed away. Therefor it feels a bit strange to go to the Olympic Stadion for the Johan Cruyff Foundation Cup. Unconsciously I am looking for him, because he was always there during the events of the Foundation. This will be a very special day.

About 500 enthusiastic atletes, including about 30 famous Dutch (sports) people, are ready to play football in order to win the Foundation Cup. But before we start, there is a commemoration. I am also part of this. On behalf of the volunteers, I am 1 of the 4 representatives to offer Catole Thate as the representative of the Cruijff family a gift that 1 – is personal (it is made of personal pictures, and 2 – has the message ‘we as volunteers keep up the good work of Johan’. Before we handover the gift I am the one that speak to all the attendees in the stadium. A special moment for me! The whole commemoration is very intense and beautiful. A couple of people are crying. That is ok, of course. That shows the dedication. We will all remember Johan Cruijff and more important, we will continue his work, his legacy!

WP_20160513_014JCF-Cup-13-05-2016-70D- (66)

JCF-Cup-13-05-2016-70D- (84)FB_20160514_09_25_31_Saved_Picture


And then it is time to play football! That is what Johan wanted and that is what we are going to do. It is a perfect day with a lot of sunshine (Of course, would Johan say, why not?!). To be honest I really do not know which team eventually won the Cup. That is not important. We had a great day together. And that is what this is all about.

Thank you all!